There is no doubt that most of Young Pairs are standing on a marriage carpet in spring and summer. However, not everyone loves hot summer and the hot sun. There’s also those who can not wait for the snow to fall from the sky, and transparent icicles start to hang from the roof. From year to year, winter weddings that basically are unique and magical are usually becoming more and a lot more popular. The winter theme of the wedding will surely be rememend up beingred by your wedding guests! Are there great possibilities in wedding venues in Ireland for wedding photographer? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of the wintertime wedding? We found definitely more advantages than disadvantages!

A unique winter weather

When everything around is covered with white, fluffy snow, and the roofs will start to hang beautiful and unique icicles, the world becomes different, more magical and mysterious. When you decide on a winter wedding, it is possible to count on really special photos not only from the wedding day but also from an outdoor session, which you certainly should not give up! The beautiful scenery and background for the Ireland wedding photographer would be the forest, spruces and pines, whose branches bend from the snow there are many places such as this in Ireland.

Winter wedding decorations

When organizing a wedding in the winter, it really is worth to try typical winter wedding ceremony decorations. Cones, branches of spruces, even large conifers, artificial snow, Christmas lights not to mention plenty of candles as you can see the possibilities you have a lot. Cones can come to the wedding tables in the form of vignettes and of course, they should also appear in green adornments they might look great in photography. The delicate smell of twigs of coniferous trees will generate an incredibly festive atmosphere which will bring all fond memories to all or any guests.

Wedding bouquet for a winter wedding

Unfortunately, winter will not offer as many flowers as spring or summer. Florists, however, not in favor of the expectations of the Young Couple and adopt the proposals to the season. Extremely original, but surprisingly beautiful is a bouquet made of only cones, that you can equally match succulents or green spruce branches.

Competitive prices

Deciding to organize a winter wedding, because of the lower interest, it is possible to count not only on the greater availability of the marriage hall but also on competitive prices. More appealing price offers will certainly be offered to you by wedding photographer, cameraman or wedding ceremony planner.

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