Your wedding invitation really sets the tone for your wedding. Its the face of one’s big day and will give your friends an important advantages to your event so you want them to function as best they could be.

You might have lots of questions at heart as your options could be endless. Its fine never to have a specific vision of exactly what you desire. We share our tips below for choosing an ideal wedding invites.

1) Know your style

Whether its boho, old classic or modern knowing your look can already lose fat the search. If you have been collecting ideas and images for your wedding already have a look at these all alongside one another and ask your self what style best represents the overall feeling? Your look will then participate in this.

2) Choose colours

When you have already chosen a colour palette for your wedding that’s fantastic. Consider flowers, bridesmiad gowns or something neutral that is going with everything gray could be gorgeous. (FYI Wedding Invitations Houston templates at Lilac & White could be adjusted to your selected colours).

3) Define your words

Its a good idea to have all this article you want on the invitations before you select a design. Often bride to bes neglect everything their friends require and later down the road realise they need info cards and RSVPs as well as the primary invitation (which drags on the process). And think about night guest invitations? Do you want these to vary? Consider everything and write it all down. This can make going in to the look process a heck of easier. Always triple check the wording for spelling and grammar.

4) Consider envelopes

Do your bought invitations include envelopes? Or should you buy some seperately if so check the size. For instance if youre placing your order A5 invites, C5 envelopes may be the size youll need to match these, A6 matches C6 etc. At Lilac & White our wedding invites and save the schedules include the correct dimensiond envelopes as standard see above forour 4 different alternatives.

5) Workout just how many you will need

Dont forget, lots of your guests will maintain couples or people, and that means you wont need to order one for each and every guest and increase the cost of the invitations. Its smart to obtain spares though incase circumstances change especially as invitations go out numerous months before the big day.

At Lilac & White weve made things simple for lovers by creating the perfect template designs see our collection here. Some of our designs can be amended to make use of different colorings or details (please get in contact for a becomespoke design).

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