Valerie Valentina has burst into another market of creating embroidered jackets for large communities, golf clubs, and organizations. Her creative imagination in conjunction with persistence, drive, and tenacity provides elevated her brand to the amount of being found by Floyd Mayweather who now wears one of her custom jackets specifically designed for him. Other folks of being aware include Charlie Wilson Angela Bassett and Eddie Murphy. Her new goal is to obtain more celebrity endorsements for her clothing by evoking the custom designs to allow them to wear on the film, tv, and sporting events.

Her clothing line has bought from NORDSTROM and designer boutiques throughout the world. For Valeries flare for fashion clothing. Shes even caught the attention of your famous motorcycle club, Harley Davidson, developing t-shirts and vests in their mind. Valerie relaxes by operating Baby Fox, her Harley Davidson Heritage, Soft Tail common, in her own designed motorcycle gear. Im still in the making and producing business creating men, women and K-9 garments, she humbly provides. She contributes, I have been so sick and tired of working long times and nights, devoid of time for myself, i decided to available and operate my very own store, which Ive been doing for over years! Finally, after brainstorming and being cheated by shoplifters and paying lots of money for insurance and advertising, it had been determined that EBAY will be just how of the future Not merely is she able to design and use her talents to attain millions of folks surrounding the planet, shes increased her industry market value capacity, by staying prior to the curve by virtue of cyberspace forecasting

Valerie Valentina, in addition, has started a nonprofit group called Love A Animal Base, which rescues homeless, abused, abandoned animals positionwithing them in lovwithing caring homes. Appreciate A Animal Groundwork improves the health and wellness of companion animals, was proven in , that is dedicated to protect, treat and remedy companion animals. Completely (%) of all twelve-monthly contributions support animal health.

Although the majority of her leisure time from SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Muni hours is spent creating and calculating new method of penetrating markets and expanding her side business, she continues working two jobs as most entrepreneurs find essential. Valentina contends that Effort and the sophistication of God have positioned me in the positioning of going out of my regular job and making my part-time love profitable. She says many other elements to generate after are collateral, good credit history, money in the bank and a skilled mentor.

Their goal would be to put the fun in functional embroidery fashion. We realize that looking stylish can make your whole day better; thats why were focused on being your source for the newest embroidery trends. they design clothing you love so that you can concentrate on looking great!

Valentina shows that you avoid getting comfortable on your own entire day job and keep milling until you understand your true enthusiasm. or even more information, go to