Are you planning to pop the question? If that’s the case, youve probably practised going down on one knee, done your pitch and youre really sure that your spouse will say yes. Now its period to provide attention to the ring.

Until recently, the closest youve come to purchasing a engagement ring was booking the Asian horror flick within an Xtra-vision store. Well, were here to assist you avoid a horror show as it pertains to choosing an gemstone. We spoken to Voltaire Diamonds founder, Seamus Fahy, to obtain some good top advice on deciding on a perfect ring.

Heres what you ought to know.

1. Knowledge is power

If were genuine, almost all of us arent best-placed to choose jewellery for our other halves. In the event you get yourself a modern-day style or something more traditional? Do they like white platinum, yellow gold, increased gold or platinum? In the event that you didnt know that we now have different colors of gold, one does today!

If indeed they dont wear jewellery, you may need to check out their general fashion sense to get some pointers, according to Seamus.

2. See to the four Cs

The four Cs might sound just like a barbershop quartet but theyre actually the most crucial facts to consider when choosing a diamond. Buckle up once we take you over a crash course in precious stone shopping!

Get acquainted with the four Cs of shopping for a diamonds colour, slash, clarity, and carat, says Seamus. Its probably the most crucial factors of the entire process. These 4 guys will undoubtedly be wholly in charge of the price youll be developing over time.

That last line probably got your attention! They are things that dictate the purchase price and quality of the natural stone which means you have to know perfectly what they mean.

Colour runs from D (colourless) to Z (strong yellow tints), he explains. D to F are colourless, whe or shereas G to H are usually near colourless. A precious stone with less shade will display more flame and brilliance and for that reason be of greater value.

Weve all found out about there the cut of a precious stone nonetheless it turns out that a lot of us dont know very well what it means.

This is mistaken as being the condition of the diamonds or gemstone. The slice instead denotes how the rock was built from its natural point out and dictates how light moves through the natural stone. You learn something new each day.

Clarity will make a big difference to value and cost.

Clarity ranges from flawless to naturally included, gives Seamus Only 1% of the worlds diamonds are naturally flawless, this means no inclusions or simply noticeable marks are noticeable to the naked eyeball. The less integrated the stone, the more valuable it really is and, in turn, the more expensive.

The final consideration is the carat.

Certainly, the most visually apparent factor when searching for a precious stone may be the carat. The carat of any diamond or gemstone is a measure of weight. So one carat will be soon add up to 0.2 grams!

3. Dont hesitate of gemstones

Diamonds may be considered a girls closest friend but whats seldom can end up being wonderful. The point is that increasing numbers of people are choosing an option to diamonds because of the engagement ring.

We are witnessing a great deal of effect from the State governments, where increasing statistics of men and women are deciding on sapphire, emerald and ruby proposal rings instead of the traditional gemstone.

Invest the a punt on the gemstone wedding ring but discover that your lover really wanted a stone, you dont have to be concerned. Seamus says that Voltaire Gemstones will look when you and offer an exchange for a wedding ring of the same value.

4. Become familiar with your wedding ring styles

You will find ring styles? Yes, there are. You wouldnt buy a fresh motor unit without knowing a thing or two about car makes so why buy a band without learning what youre considering.

Solitaires, halos and trilogy wedding rings may sound like video games but theyre really just band styles. Research your options and youll be better located to learn the right band when you view it.

5. Dont overpromise with the token ring

If youre planning to propose with a token engagement rings dallas, select something thats humble and understated. You dont want to provide your spouse with a huge rock crafted from goblet that will dwarf the genuine wedding ring when you obtain it.

6. Consider the marriage ring

It may seem to be a bit early on to think about the wedding engagement ring but its an important area of the process. A wedfit engagement ring is one thats made to accommodate a wedding diamond ring. Every days a institution day, eh?

Although your consultant will go through all of this with you as it pertains to choosing the engagement ring, it is always smart to check if a straight strap fits snugly into your selected gemstone. A bespoke strap is not unusual though and its a choice that many girl and men might want to go with when there is a specific design you like during buying, or may have at heart to constitute.

7. Visit a reliable seller

A ring is a large investment so be cautious where you get it. This is one particular occasions when online shopping is not a positive thing. Choose a reliable seller with a good reputation, who can provide you a personalised service and walk you through the procedure. A skilled seller can enable you to find a very good option in your finances and take the enigma out of engagement ring shopping.