After spending months looking for the perfect bridal lehenga and the rest of the wedding finery; it’s the perfect time to switch to shopping for honeymoon dresses. This is the real fun shopping that most bride-to-be’s anticipate. It’s all about sexy lingerie, comfortable loungewear, trendy day dresses and exactly what is new, in-vogue and an integral part of your personal style statement.

After many days of wedding functions, and wearing heavy clothes, just slipping into light flowy honeymoon dresses is such a delight.

Packing for your honeymoon dresses also requires careful planning. In the end, it’s not merely another holiday but the very first one with your travel partner for life. A honeymoon can be a romantic getaway, an adventure trip or a variety of multiple elements but what makes it better is having the right gear, the perfect clothes and accessories which make it comfortable and of course gets you the perfect honeymoon pictures too!

So, here are sorts of honeymoon dresses that every bride has to shop for and pack in:

  1. Beach Wear

If you are going to a beach destination this one is quite obvious! But, although you may will the mountains, take beachwear with you. The waterfalls and the tiny lakes in mountains deserve sexy beachwear too. If you can find a secluded place and you are feeling a little adventurous, you could go skinny dipping. And ladies, it’s your honeymoon, a little effort would bring the beach right into your room too!

  1. Short dresses

Even short honeymoon dresses include a wide and extensive range of dresses. From flowery long gowns to pastel dresses; off shoulder dresses to perfect evening gowns for dinner dates. Imagine walking around an attractive resort; you want to look chic and stylish yet hassle-free and comfortable. Think flowy fabrics, comfort lengths and easy to control cuts and styles.

Pick pastel and flowery designs for day wear and deeper tones with slight embellishments for evening wear. It basically translates to chic loungewear because your aim is to relax around the place with your so and simply have a good time. To find out more, visit honeymoon shirt for her

  1. Get a biking spirit

You are not going to stay cooped up in your room the whole day, right? Carry the proper gear to explore your honeymoon destination. If jeans and t-shirts are your go-to thing then pack them, also pack shorts, comfortable tops & most importantly the right footwear. The exploring equipment also includes caps and hats, scarves, sunglasses, belts, backpacks etc. When thinking of checking out gear think of what you are most comfortable in, without of course compromising on the style. Most of your honeymoon pictures will have these apparels so pack them wisely. Happening day-outs would be fruitful for strengthening your bond as well. You can expect to come to know each other’s needs and wants in a brand new manner. Some exploration, huh?

  1. Lounge Wear

A huge part of a honeymoon is just lounge and chill. Honeymoon dresses that allow you to just be; bask in the sun, sipping drinks next to the pool, watch the sunshineset or perhaps sit looking out of the window deep in conversation. Comfortable dresses, pyjamas, long skirts, tops and t-shirts, gown – everything that feel just like a second skin. But of course, choose these according to your destination’s weather. Loungewear for a cooler location can mean carrying a Poncho or over-sized cardigan.

  1. Romantic nightwear

When shopping for honeymoon dresses provide a little awareness of the nightwear you are packing in. Buy some really cute shorts and spaghetti tops, adorable pyjama sets but also pack in a few sexy nightwears to spice things up a bit. Search for delicate lace in black or neutral tones for your sexy nightwear honeymoon dresses. But be sure that none of the items is itchy or causes irritation on your skin. Remember, something risque is a must in nightwear.

  1. Lingerie

Another huge and crucial part of honeymoon shopping. Go just a little berserk when shopping for lingerie. Of course, there needs to be enough comfortable and supportive wear, but don’t be shy to enjoy some uber-sexy lingerie. Look for laces, animal prints, bows and butterflies, and jewel-encrusted ones too, and see how things warm up from there.

  1. Climate Appropriate Wear

In trying to be cool and sexy don’t forget to consider the climate of the area you are visiting. Yes, many honeymoon-goers have been stuck with the wrong set of clothes and had to live in the room because it was too hot, too cold, too rainy or windy plus they weren’t prepared!

You can’t predict and control the precise weather conditions, but you can always be prepared for the overall weather conditions in your honeymoon. And yes, consider carrying a raincoat as well is your location has unpredictable rains.