Fashion Designer, Naomi share with us her concept of how her collection was inspiring by Channel 5 news reported interviewed with an NJ Transit spokesperson says that this type of reckless bus driver killing or fatal injured incident does not happen at all times. Once she heard the comment, her mission was to expose the lie that was told by Transit representative. Therefore, she conveyed the political messages in bold graphic lettering, newspaper clippings, and online articles on clothing-also footwear.

The Noneillah Political Fashion Statement outfits are the most robust messaging tool for conscious awareness, say the United States of American designer Naomi Johnson as she speaks out about the death of her only child Deshon, along with the spiraling demise of innocent lives killed by Coach USA and NJ Transit bus companies. Naomi announces to us that she sees it time and time again how these dangerous bus drivers are killing citizens.

Naomi, the son, was a victim of this sickening killing epidemic that was caused by Coach USA bus company deadly bus driver Wilson Romain whom they have not eradicated for driving. She shares with us as tears flowing from her eyes that the bus driver had run over her son twice while he was at the front door knocking to enter on the bus then dragged a distance. She, also stated that her only child did not deserve to die horrifically like the way he did.

Naomi stated she had written letters to the District Attorney, Politicians, President Obama, her town Senator, Former Governor Christ Christie, Attorney General, other political, and Organizations claim to support issues like mines, but they all ignore her. Naomi continues to say since her voice has not been heard through corresponded, she will get her message across through fashion with the Noneillah Political Fashion Statement. On the fashion collection you can read the bold statement that appears on these apparels, and once you have go through them, they stay in your brain, churning around, hopefully making you think and act.

Naomi stated that these people in power all know how deep the corruption is and they are supporting one another in this heinous act of murder on innocent lives killed in vain by the transportation hired killers on wheels. Naomi continues to speak, how these bus drivers are not adequately trained in pedestrian safety.

She speaks about the frustration on how the justice system mistreated her son death case and her. Also, how the bus driver who killed her son and was never charged, yet he is still operating on the bus with a bad driving record that put other people lives in danger.

The Noneillah political fashion statement provides a huge hit, giving a voice to a disenfranchised generation of the transportation victims family and friends. These buses killing pedestrians- constitute a significant crisis that should not be ostracized.

Naomi is using her political designs as a call for action that will hopefully be seen around the globe. She is continually creating new political statement collection, through China-based distribution printer company. She is hoping to collaborate with other designers to help shine the light on this act of genocide that is swept under the rug.

Ever since, the death of Naomi, son, death cover-up case by the prosecutor, transit attorney Michael Tuzzio, retired Monmouth NJ retired judge Lawrence M Lawson, the assassination of the victims killed by Transit and being victimized by people of the justice system, her pain grew into a passion of justice. Simultaneously with becoming a devout advocate to continue to champion the power of messaging through fashion, to raise awareness and funding for causes close to her heart.

These people who were murder by Coach USA/NJ Transit bus drivers are being betrayed by the Conservative government and its outrageous corrupted behavior. Naomi is hoping that the political fashion statement collection will inspire the Stop NJ Transit and Coach USA Vehicular Homicide Corruption coalition to form The whole point of this collection is to rawill bee awareness and implement a law to hold these deadly bus drivers accountable for their actions and keeping it in public hands. There are too many bus drivers are operating the bus with a bad driving record, no psychological test administrated and lack of on the job interpersonal skills training.

Naomi, mention that there is a low percentage of these bus drivers are not going to jail. However, the deadly bus drivers that are being charged are the black bus drivers killing a white pedestrian. She asserted that every human life is valuable regardless of the victims ethnicity, religion, race, and gender. These dangerous bus drivers should be locked behind bars because of committing Vehicular Homicide or Assault with a Vehicular. This fashion designer conveyed a robust and bold message through the image that was captured by photographer Mr. Don Pittman of model Marie Shayne Lao wearing Noneillahs political fashion outfit behind a gate; which represent these deadly bus drivers should be behind the jail bars for homicide.

Today, however, Naomi like many of us has only one topic on her mind and it is keen of advocacy for the injustice action taken against victims who were slain by a Coach USA, NJ Transit and School bus deadly bus driver. Aforementioned of the inadequate justice must stop! She speaks on the frustration on how the bus driver who killed her son and was never charged, yet he is still operating on the bus with a bad driving record that put other people lives in danger.

Every outfit of the Noneillah Political Fashion Statement Collection tells a story. I think if a person wants to announce something -why not say on the clothes because if the message is powerful, it will speak for itself.