The tops of the knee are smart that carry feet and legs to the knee. A trendy tool for a casual and classic dress in cool or warm weather. In many societies, women are generally worn, sometimes worn with modern semi-formal wear. Unlike ordinary socks, they are usually made of nylon or other storage materials. There were different types of use and use of knee height for both men and ladies. One of the most popular fashion things used by young women and teens, tall thigh socks extends over the knee and is designed to produce both as a sexy look for either daily or sporty use. Typically solid colors have colorful and skull designs with solid colors and / or strips are also very common. To get to the knee, our tall thigh socks are over inches (do not confuse tube socks, which is not heel size) and let you design your logo / design into socks. Da this is a model that offers the largest area of design and is used for sport, fashion or brand, so they look stunning.

This custom knee high sock manufacturer have produced a wide variety of cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, plain (like polypropylene) or spandex. The upward softness surface can be used in other materials that can be processed during silk, bamboo, lace, cashmere, or mile. The colors of the socks selection can become different colours that the designers want to make a doll in their creation. Socks coloring can come in a wide range of colors. Sometimes Art also stays in the socks to enhance their appearance. Colored socks can be an important section of the uniform for sports; it prohibits players equipment only when their legs are clearly visible. Knee socks are sometimes worn in regular dresses or are section of the uniform such as sports (such as football and baseball) or the schools dress code or youth group uniform. Women wear clothes today plus knee socks or sock that stretch high (high thigh socks).

This makes the clients unique knee-high socks unique moisture thick that keeps your feet dry and comfortable, thus helping prevent traps and wounds. We are so comfortable that you can use every day. Our stockings are tough and are updated, whether they are used for everyday use or sporting performance. Depending on your needs, your socks will be created specifically and customized for you. Halloween socks were designed by our customer, especially for those based on their needs. These stocks are made with ultra-wide acrylic, spandex, signature nylon and are specifically designed for the game that protects sweat and bars. To increase the elasticity, it counts on the red one with half leg. The foot is full of terry, which means that the entire foot area is thicker than the second, which adds strength, comfort and some warmth (which will become good for Halloween night). The design is very easy; all the ink with fine white pastes is usually finished.

The most popular among women and children, all socks are socks, where a logo, pattern or text goes through, finding the entire dock area. The upper models are typically knee and in some cases personal, it offers more space for the re-design of the offer. All patterns can be applied with patterns, either flat or red, and not in the heel and feet in the feet, which must have solid color for greater stability. Because these designs are small, they are not simple and easy to read. The the majority of common pattern includes diamonds, animals, food, flowers, symbols or symbols of the company, and at our end, we are preparing everything more than riggy models. With all sophisticated psychological design emerging hidden socks, the most advanced designs now cover all the feet and legs. You should also find that printed designs for long-term designs cannot exceed speed, after multiple stages.