Hi guys, hope you are experiencing a fantastic week up to now! Im here having a completely new mascara review; now we are planning to talk about one of Loreal newest Miss Hippie mascara. Having lived in San Francisco and admiring the whole flower power little, Im already into this name! But can it be just as great as LOreal promises it to be? Why don’t we find out in this post.

Packaging & Claims

Miss Hippie comes in this cute little black and orange tube and claims to: forthwith volumize and thicken your lashes // give you feathery mega volume. It really is obtainable in a regular and waterproof formula.

The wand here is fairly big and contains a little bit of that hourglass form, but never as intense as some other mascaras like Better Than Sex by Too Faced. It really is in fact described by LOreal as amega fuzzy brush with kaleidoscopic bristles. All I’ll say about that is that is really quite a fuzzy brush, where most of its own bristles come in various lengths (the nearer to the foundation of the wand, the shorter they’re and vice versa).

Application & Wear

Initially I was frightened about smudging this mascara throughout my eyes, just because the brush is really large. Yet, I had been pleasantly surprised to see it is not so terrifying and since the formula is more on the in between wet/dry side, it will not bleed or smudge easily. Its possible for you to layer this mascara, but it might stick your lashes together a tiny bit or create itsy bitsy clumps in the very crown of the lash (does it ever happen to you guys or I am the only one?).

Whenever I feel that Ive gone a bit too far with Miss Hippie, I then grab a clean spoolie and only brush it through my lashes. That is why I wouldnt describe the quantity, that you get with this mascara, as feathery, but it certainly increases that doll-eyed look.

Now, Ive been testing Miss Hippie in a regular rule and considering merely for how long I’ve a tendency to wear my mascara (about hours daily) it did pass the test. I have detected handful of flaking under one of my eyes, but that happens with the majority of the drugstore mascaras I use anyhow. This mascara does feel dry to touch (thats when you touch your lashes), but the thickness and volume it gives dont vanish each day. It nearly seems just as good in the nighttime, since it does each morning when it’s freshly employed.


I will be really enjoying Miss Hippie so far; I presume this is a nice volumizing mascara in the marketplace, yet, you should help keep a spoolie at hand to brush throughout your lashes and remove some clumps that do happen. I find thcan be formula gives me kind of a daring, thicker lash which is something I enjoy. I like it as an everyday,dont presume too much about itmascara. For those who have naturally thick lashes and desire them to POP try thcan be mascara and Im confident its going to take your lashes to an entirely new level. The brush is a bit too large though, so if you have smaller eyes/shorter lashes you may well not enjoy it as much. If your lashes lack a little oomph this can end up being a great affordable mascara to try out next.

On the other hand, if you want flawless lashes /7 then eyelash extensions are an excellent option. FoxyFace for example, is amazing at what they do and I cant wait to go back and obtain my eyelashes done again!