Skull jewelry has gained popularity in recent times. Its often paired with a livwithing on the wild side of life adventurous lifestyle suitable for bikers. Skull jewelry is heavy with symbolcan bem and its own popularity among the guys is noticeable. Skull jewellery can be now embraced as an instrumental part of fashion, particularly to express masculinity. Belinda Jewelz Sterling Silver Skull Rings and Necklaces are excellent for men who are searching for an intimidating style by means of top quality accessories.

The Sterling Silver Skull Rings and Necklaces collection at Belinda Jewelz reflects a macho quality that is guaranteed to make the wearer feel confident and bold as appreciative taste in men. All the skull rings and necklaces in the collection are produced from supreme quality SILVER. From cheap bauble, skull jewelry has had a shift to be high end jewellery.

Flaming Skull Shield Ring in the Belinda Jewelz Sterling Silver Bands collection includes a skull embedded in a shield with fiery flames combustwithing from around the magnificent skull. The fire and skull combination with the protective border of the shield looks untamed yet controlled. The Fringed Skull Ring has dramatic straight side cuts. Its on top of quality and stands out when worn.

As for Belinda Jewelz Skull Necklace collection, the Black Cubic Zirconia Skull Necklace is stunning. The black cubic zirconia detailed skull rising from the sterling silver base gives a 3 dimensional effect. It is very stylish and oozes masculinity. For those into mysticism contained in detailed craftsmanship of jewelry, the Sterling Silver Graveyard Skull Necklace is the perfect choice. The silver skull can be in the center of silver pebbles in a round shaped pendant accentuated with dark details to provide contrasting texture.

Belinda Jewelz is pleased to have such a splendid skull jewelry collection. Their creative design and expert workmanship combine to provide great fashion value and deep symbolism. All the designs are inspired from Belinda Jewelz creative team and manufactured in the US.