StarCentral magazine was established in with the theory to promote the unknown or hidden artists, actors, models, and entrepreneurs all over the world. From days gone by years, StarCentral has provided services in the industry of graphic design, photography and web design within the fashion and entertainment industry. StarCentral magazines managing director Mike Ilagan is an established Australian entrepreneur with a great vision in the graphic design field. He leads the team of graphic designers who are responsible for high end publications such as StarCentral Magazine, Inlife Magazine and the newly established Model & Mode Magazine.

Lets See Some Stats of StarCentral Magazine

If we talk about theofficial website of StarCentral, the stats show that the website has unique visitors on a daily basis. That makes roughly , per month and 8.5 Million visitors per year.

A quarterly release of StarCentral magazine has a readership of , and fans are increasing every single time they release a new issue.

Partnerships of StarCentral Magazine in

Following are the partners of StarCentral in .

Australasia Official

Fashion Mandu

Aussie Elite Group Model Network

Australian Model Conference

Bing Cristobal Fashion

Pacific Runway Fashion

Miss Earth Australia

StarCentral Magazines Plans for

Sketchshe will be gracing StarCentral Magazines cover this December Sketchshe is comprised of 3 Models who became internet stars one of their videos have garnered over million views across social media Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington, Madison Lloyd performed on Ellen and also made appearance on Good Morning America. They have over 2 million followers across their social media platforms. They also have their annual event coming up on December to celebrate their th year anniversary which should be packed with some local celebs and a number of high profile models and beauty queens.

StarCentral Magazines Plans for

StarCentral plans to continue their partnerships with their existing partners. They want to officially launch a new magazine under the StarCentral publishing group in Australia in addition to overseas, have a collaboration with one of their major partners and hold a prestigious event either at the Star or the Grand Ballroom in Hilton in addition to collaborate with the Aussie Elite Group and start an enormous models award night the initial of its kind in Australia

Quote from StarCentrals managing director Mike Ilagan

As a business Im happy to say that we have grown productively throughout the years and I personally promise that people will do our utmost to ensure this continues in the foreseeable future. I would like to commend our amazing and hardworking team who’s the foundation of our success and the very strength of our company. Im very pleased with what we have achieved so far and I greatly appreciate our teams continuing commitment towards delivering first-class service to all or any of our readers and every single one of our company partners. I am definitely looking towards working with our amazing team again to bring continued success to your company in .