Simple, natural and beautiful! Rustic design sets itself above all creative aesthetics today using its astounding earthy vibe and raw organic look. This is why rustic weddings are becoming one of the very most popular classic wedding invites today, gaining a trustworthiness of having simple but strikingly appeal. Thus, rustic wedding invites are actually becoming lit!

Wedding invitation design is among the most creative regions of print during a wedding. In fact it is evident that the majority of couples cultivate their innovative skills to DIY their particular wedding invites. And thats amazing! But before that, theres lots of parts which should piece together to be able to create a perfect wedding ceremony invitation. It starts mainly with knowing the essential parts or anatomy of a rustic wedding invitation.

This guide will help you identify and understand the basic parts of a rustic wedding invitation. Enjoy!

The Canvass

Every art piece starts with the canvass! Most modern invitations use paper with a semi-glossy coat that’s primed for producing rich and vibrant colors or even photo wedding invitations. Some use thicker cardboard paper that provides a better foundation. And others make use of a more luxurious velvet paper which has a silky soft touch that feels suede-like for individuals who wants more texture. But also for a rustic appeal, the decision for consistency over print may be the popular choice.

The Shape

Choosing the shape of the invitation matters on which the couple desires to convey. The classic rectangular slab states a normal approach while those who choose to have hearts, circles, and silhouettes are directed to a far more personal vibe. Rustic wedding invites to get a simple form and focuses mainly on the embellishments.

The Colors

Rustic colors range from rich reds and royal purples right down to the natural earth palettes. Infusing different shades have become a trend nowadays and rustic themes are becoming diversified. The more traditional approach will be muted tones like teaberry, celadon, and champagne but you can go radical with colors like eggplant, mulberry as well as ashwood.


Whether you go flat or raised, its really up to you. Metallic embellishments move well with rustic design especially if paired with a darker base palette. Just dont overdo it! There exists a very fine line between elegant and exaggerated.

The Texts

There is no specific text or wordings for a rustic theme. Everything goes! The most important part will be on how clear you are going to convey your message. You can play with fonts and text sizes or even explore different calligraphy styles. The written text is the main part of the invitation and the rest are just embellwill behments to have that cohesive design. So keep it that way and Im sure youll have the perfect invitation that you desire.

The Packaging

Every wedding invite packaging consists of the invitation letter, the envelope, the envelope liner and the pocket. Most of the designs are focused mainly on the invitation itself. But being rustic, the envelope plays an important role in keeping the design cohesive all throughout. You can use strings or even recycled paper as the packaging to have that earthy appeal.

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