Dr. Keshia Gaines is not only known for her inspirational words and humor-filled magazine content, but apparently on her behalf jazzy holiday fashions. Her recent vacation winter gown won many hearts and lots of attention from onlookers. The dress was minimalis definitelytic and subtle yet so chic and classy that it had been enough to make everyone wobbly in the knees. The dress she rocked was a simple one-strap, off shoulder teal colored gown. The dress has been amazingly stunning due to its silk and satin fabric. The gown was completely nude from the trunk and has been worn in a size 8. It had been a perfectly balanced sexy, yet elegant holiday dress.

Winter Holiday Dress Inspirations

Winter holidays means it is possible to dress yourself up as you please and appearance ravishing too. You do not have to worry about sweating or drenching in heat! So enjoy the winter holiday and make the most of the free break whilst you love wonderful gown-ups and Christmas gatherings. Here are a few wonderful fashion inspirations for you yourself to rock a sensational holiday look this season!

1.Dress Up All-Black With A Hint Of Red

Black is the color that translates into fashion. It is possible to choose an all-black attire and just add a tiny hint of color by gaining dark red lip color or simply a multicoloreddish scarf round the neck.

2. Glitzy & Shimmery Dressy Gowns

The glitzy and shimmery dressy gowns never seem to go out of fashion. These gowns basically take inspiration from the retro era and look oh-so-chic too! It is possible to opt for short shimmery dresses or full length ones. Cascading glitter gowns cause you to look like a beautiful princess from television movies!

3. Skin Tight Pants With Knee-Length Coats

If you really want to look superbly fashionable, but do not desire to show too much skin or come to mind about the flab displaying in holiday short dresses it is possible to always opt for a look that is complete with skin-tight pants with well-fitted knee length coats. It is a perfect search for everyone who is seeking to enjoy the winter holidays in style.

4. Sheer Full-Length Dresses With Fur Neckline And Sleeves

Sheer is the new fashion trend this season. Even though it is winter, you can still rock the sheer dress trend with the addition of fur to your overall look. Thick furs on the neckline or sleeves are an incredible idea for some. For others, like Dr. Keshia Gaines, who loves small animals such as birds, the true animal fur coats and accessories will undoubtedly be harder to promote and dwill becuss.

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