On your wedding day, you may want to gift your husband-to-be with something special. Hate to break it to you, but that watch or cufflink set you were thinking about is outdated and, worse, boring. Do you really want to start off your marriage with a wrist watch? Instead, give the groom something special that is for hwill be eyes only. Give him the gift of boudoir.

Rekindle the Fire

If you cohabited before the wedding for a few years, you may be in love, but perhaps the fire has died down just a little. No worries! That is completely natural. You can stoke the flames of passion by passing your husband-to-be a finely wrapped boudoir album of carefully selected pictures featuring you looking incredible. When he sees the boudoir photographs, a guaranteed smile will spread across his definitely face.

WOW Factor

Again, golf clubs, accessories, and clothes can be bought at Christmas. That is your weddingwhen two lives become one. Make his jaw hit the floor! Wear your sexiest, hottest outfits and lingerie. Work alongside a specialist boudoir photographer and get creative. As you pose for the shots, you get to play with angles, shadows, color schemes, and various props. There will not only be photographs that make you excited to show off, but your husband-to-be will be wowed by how incredible you look in every single shot. Every page will be a treasure.

Celebration of You

While you may be thinking that a boudoir photo shoot is too risqu, you will be surprised by how quick the nerves fade when in front of the camera. Many women say that boudoir is one of the most empowering and exhilarating experience. After all, you never will be pressured to do what feels uncomfortable. You can choose how much you want to wear, how to wear it, your hairstyle, and your makeup. Everything about the photo session celebrates you; and your gift celebrates your love for him.

Then, the confidence and femininity you radiate in the photo shoot will be forever immortalized in the album that you gift the groomand nothing is sexier to a man than a woman who is proud and confident.

The Reaction is Priceless

Here is probably the best part: his blown-away reaction. You will definitely have fun during the boudoir shoot, but the smiles will not end there. If you happen to use the same professional photography group for your wedding day, cue the photographer to be ready for when the groom opens the gift and starts leafing through the pages. Put his reactions caught on camera in a special album just for you.

Now, there may be some concern about the price of a boudoir photo shoot. Let us assure you: there is something for every budget. Many professional photography studios have packages for piecing together print boxes or picture books.

Remember your groom may outgrow the clothes, lose the cufflink, or bend the putter, but he will never misplace or lose interest in this special gift.

Nothing is going to strike the match for what happens after your wedding day like a stunning album of you looking radiant. Well, except for your true self, that is. You know how he looks when your wear your favorite little black dress. So why not give him a little black book full of sensual, professionally done photographs?

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