Do Angels & Demons Need Travel Vaccines?

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you know that the film Angels & Demons was just released. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m sure I’ll be waiting in line soon along with millions of other DaVinci Code fans. As the Travelogue Blogger, I view all events through the prism of travel medicine and safety. Could Angels & Demons contain any hidden warnings or messages for international travelers? Let’s take a closer look.

Angels are from heaven while demons are from the other side. These creatures have been on earth for a long time, each searching out souls for different reasons. Indeed, some of them haven’t been back home for thousands of years. One day, they may desire to return home to visit friends and relatives. Hmm. My Travel Medicine antennae are starting to vibrate.

Many immigrants in America, although not supernatural creatures, also want to return to their countries of origin to visit family or for business reasons. Depending upon their destinations, these travelers face increased risks of contracting diseases abroad, and many of them don’t even know it. In fact, travel experts believe that travelers who are visiting friends and relatives (Called VFR travelers) are at higher risk than other travelers. These folks, who have been in the United States for years, may not be aware that they have lost immunity to local diseases in their native countries. For this reason, many do not consult with a travel doctor before travel abroad. Upon arrival, they have not received travel vaccinations or received other important medications and travel safety advice. Additionally, some VFRs do not take recommended prophylactic medicines as prescribed, because they don’t sense risk when they are abroad with their own families. For these reasons, VFRs have much higher rates of malaria and typhoid fever when they return home to America. Surely, there are more desirable souvenirs to bring back home than these diseases.

So, if you are a VFR, be an angel and see a travel doctor first. Protect yourself against viruses, bacteria and the other demons that may be lurking in your destinations.

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The World Is Your Oyster! Protection Via a Certified Travel Clinic

There are tons of things we can do in this world to have fun. There’s ping pong, badminton or an afternoon of high-octane paint ball, but there’s nothing like exploring another country. Travel is one of the most exciting things that can be done. If you are a couch potato you may be satisfied with watching an episode of Globe Trekker, but if you’re not then only the real thing will suffice. Never forget that a visit to a certified travel clinic should top your to-do list when planning a trip overseas.

For those that have never been overseas, it’s hard to explain the sublime beauty of catching a sunset over a Caribbean beach or hiking through a mountain pass surrounded by strange flora and fauna. If you have been overseas, then we are preaching to the choir. Nothing matches the sweet smell of morning dew while waking at a farmland bed & breakfast outside of Dublin, Ireland or the amazing sites of Rome or Greece. For all the beauty in the world, there is also the danger that lurks for each and every world traveler. Only a certified travel clinic physician can explain the dangers that potentially await you at your destination.

What do you need protection for, you may ask? It’s not like you are traveling the silk road circa 1500 and need to escape from roaming bands of marauders and thieves. This is true, yet there are other types of dangers that one must protect themselves from in this day and age. One of those is disease. In many countries across the globe, diseases that we have conquered in America are still wreaking havoc within the native populace. Yellow fever is one such disease-and a great reason to visit a certified travel clinic before take-off.

When it comes to health statistics you can’t get a better source than the World Health Organization. WHO estimates that yellow fever causes over 200,000 illnesses a year and over 30,000 deaths. This is a huge number of people and one that should make a visit to a certified travel clinic common sense. What exactly is yellow fever and where do you run the largest risk of contracting it? Caused by a virus, yellow fever is a serious disease, and still a huge danger to the native populace and visitors, to the Caribbean, African, South and Central American countries. Yellow fever derives its name from the jaundice like symptoms that an infected individual suffers through. Other symptoms include fever, the vomiting of blood, liver, kidney, respiratory and other organ failure that can easily lead to death. If planning to visit any of the following areas, a visit to a certified travel clinic is highly recommended.

• Argentina
• Bolivia
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• French Guiana
• Guyana
• Panama
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Suriname
• Trinidad & Tobago
• Venezuela
• Eastern & southern African countries

Visiting a certified travel doctor for a protective vaccination for yellow fever-and many other diseases-makes great sense to anyone setting forth into the world-at-large. Remember, as dangerous as travel may be seen in some circles today, in the past things were far more threatening. Today, with the help of a certified travel clinic, one can visit any corner of the globe completely safe in the knowledge that they have done everything necessary to protect themselves from the scourges that still exist. And with that knowledge have a safe and wondrous experience, one that will be shared with friends and family forever.

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